Taiwan Kemei Cuiguang GAMA was established in Neihu High-Tech Park, Taipei City, Taiwan. Taiwan Kemei invests in the research and development and production of electronic, thin-film, chemical, and biotechnology products. It has a number of invention patents and design patents, and is committed to leading Taiwan’s high-end technology products Promote sales to the world, the current global warming and the advent of the new energy era, Taiwan Kemei is concerned about the current energy crisis horizontally and attaches great importance to the green energy issue. With the familiarity with the high-tech industry, it plans to be the most competitive in the international market. Green products, thin film coating, biotechnology innovation and new energy applications, and set up a green energy business department to create a series of green energy related products such as GAMA thermal insulation film, GAMA multi-functional film, GAMA environmental protection battery, GAMA solar photovoltaic and so on. product. Taiwan Kemei gradually builds a top-down supply chain service from R&D, manufacturing, branding, agency, channel, and distribution, and hopes to lead the team to produce the most complete cutting-edge products and international quality.

Wise Choise

Sales advantage
  • Combining thermal insulation and optical properties of ultrathin layer ceramic materials
  • 能保持陽光中大部分可視光的穿透率
  • Can maintain the penetration rate of most visible light in sunlight
  • No dyes, glossy appearance will not fade
  • The surface is a scratch-resistant hard outer layer composed of propylene molecules
  • Anti-oxidation material, the film is resistant to moisture
  • Material durability No loss of thermal insulation due to prolonged use or sun exposure
unique advantage
  • No dyes are added, and there is no fading phenomenon of general thermal insulation paper
  • With ultra-low internal reflection, it can greatly reduce the mirror effect and increase driving safety
  • With corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, it is suitable for use in Taiwan island climate.
  • Not affected by electromagnetic waves, such as interference from mobile phones, GPS satellite navigation, electronic speed measuring instruments and remote controls

1. Placing

The PVB film is placed between washed and re-dried glass. The points for attention:
● The process should be done in a room with constant temperature and humidity (suggested condition:25℃ and RH23%) .
● The temperature of P V B film a n d g l a s s should be close. If not, the air may not be exhausted easily and lead to bad adhesion or contraction.
● Any mechanical stretch should be avoided.
● Any pollution of glass and PVB film should be avoided.

2. Pre-pressing

The purposes of pre-pressing,
●Air discharge between the glass and PVB film.
●Promoting the adhesion between the glass and PVB film.
●To seal the edge of laminated glass so that the air permeation to laminated glass in autoclave could be avoided.

Wheel:There are two main methods for pre-pressing:
■ Nip Roll System This process is usually applied on flat laminated glass. Our suggested conditions for “one oven/ two nip roller process” are as the table below.

Vacuum System

This process is for bent laminated glass. There are two kinds of equipment: vacuum bag method and vacuum ring method. The Operation conditions of the two methods are Suggested as the below table.

3.Autoclave Process

Generally, an air type or oil type autoclave is used in this process. The suggested Conditions of autoclave process for single interlayer film laminating are as Following Table and figure